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Considerations When Choosing Employers' Liability Limits

Employers’ liability (EL) insurance protects your business from claims of neglect made by the employees who have suffered an injury or ill health due to their work. Unlike most other types of insurance, EL is compulsory. If your business employs workers based in England, Scotland or Wales (including offshore installations or associated structures), your business must carry EL cover to avoid significant fines. By the law, your business is required to carry at least £5 million of EL cover. However, depending on the size and the nature of your business, the minimum......

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pi insurance

Professional indemnity (PI) insurance can cover a broad range of potential risks. Even though things that seem to be small errors can be hugely expensive for you and your business. But with the help of a professional indemnity insurance, it can safeguard your business. Companies that commonly need professional indemnity insurance are; architect firms, recruitment agency, consultancy firms, accounting practices, and much more. But what exactly can PI protect you from? How do you know you are in breach of it? What service do I need to do to get a PI......

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